[Expand]  Argentina (17)
[Expand]  Armenia (10)
[Expand]  Belgium (51)
[Expand]  Brazil (9)
[Expand]  Bulgaria (9)
[Expand]  Canada (63)
[Expand]  China (17)
[Expand]  Czech Republic (13)
[Expand]  Finland (42)
[Expand]  France (509)
[Expand]  Germany (453)
[Expand]  Hungary (13)
[Expand]  India (40)
[Expand]  Italy (22)
[Expand]  Japan (152)
[Expand]  Kazakhstan (10)
[Expand]  Korea, Republic of (31)
[Expand]  Lithuania (17)
[Expand]  Mexico (10)
[Expand]  Netherlands (56)
[Expand]  Pakistan (8)
[Expand]  Romania (8)
[Expand]  Russian Federation (86)
[Expand]  Slovakia (9)
[Expand]  Slovenia (10)
[Expand]  South Africa (7)
[Expand]  Spain (158)
[Expand]  Sweden (111)
[Expand]  Switzerland (48)
[Expand]  Taiwan, China (28)
[Expand]  Ukraine (37)
[Expand]  United Kingdom (609)
[Expand]  United States of America (625)
[Expand] Alpha
[Expand] Beta/Gamma
[Expand] Noble Gases
[Expand] Iodine
[Expand] H-3
[Expand] C-14
[Expand] Short-Lived
[Expand] Long-Lived

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